Durst offers a separate packaging workflow system for the Delta Series. The comprehensive solution covers all processes from data management and print data preparation to output on the printer and reporting. Access to the software is browser-based and can also be managed from mobile devices without any additional installations.


The Durst Workflow system can be extended at any time with a range of modules for variable data printing, ink consumption calculation, high-speed RIP, grid charts & color book compilation, operating several printers at the same time and much more. The Durst Concerto communication server permits the integration of external MIS/ERP systems as well as web-to-print portals.

In the process chain, the Durst Workflow-Packaging ensures:

  • The job data and information is managed on a specific basis.
  • The job status can be viewed at all times for user groups.
  • Interfaces are defined between customer support, media designers, media technologists and controlling.
  • The print data with all relaevant information is ready for production right after preflight mode.
  • Informative Reports for customer communication are provided
  • The print data is displayed clearly and in a modern manner in the browser window.
  • The standard correction of the file can be done direct in the browser window without any extra software applications.
  • Automated tasks can be applied to multiple jobs in batch mode
  • An Adobe Illustrator plug-in is available for simple data preparation as well as extentions in special applications.
  • The variable data printing (texts, numbering, images and bar codes) can be carried out directly via the browser or via Adobe Illustrator.
  • Ink cost calculations can be made right from the first minute.
  • True-color measurement values are available for special colors based on the different medias. (∆E76/∆E00).
  • Ink consumption can be optimized through different profiles (Economy, Standard or Best Match).
  • Control and plotting data for later production processes can be easy created and transferred.
  • All process steps are documented and can be retrieved and repeated at any time.