Infinity Images successfully implemented Durst Lift ERP, the ERP software that provides a single integrated platform to run every aspect of the print business.

Founded in 2000, Infinity Images has positioned itself as a leading design, print, and fabrication house based in Portland, Oregon. Renowned for its specialization in large-format printing and dimensional retail displays, Infinity Images has become a trusted partner for world-class brands.

The implementation of Lift ERP significantly reduced touchpoints and eliminated unnecessary steps, providing a comprehensive platform to manage every aspect of their print business. “It’s a single point tool to look at everything in your company and the status of all the stuff that you have underway”, says President and CEO George Gross.

Additionally, Infinity Images has enhanced their customer experience through the software customer management system. This seamless feature allows clients to place orders directly through the system, without the need for human interaction. By streamlining the order process, Infinity Images ensures faster order processing, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.