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Software & Solutions

Durst Software & Solutions provides smart and easy-to-use software solutions to optimize the printing process “from Pixel to Output”. The solutions especially tailored for digital printing, accompanied by consulting and training services, help our customers improve printing and simplify their business.

Durst portfolio includes:

  • ERP/MIS software to streamline and automate every aspect of the print business, starting from receiving the quote till the product delivery.
  • Web-to-Print solutions designed to support our customers in attracting leads, engaging customers and successfully selling products online.
  • Prepress & Production software for the simplified and automated management of prepress and production tasks.
  • Analytic software (designed exclusively for Durst Printers) to ensure complete handling of production data and increase the equipment efficiency.

The Durst software is modular and flexibly adapts to your needs – from a stand-alone solution to a fully integrated and revolutionary software eco-system that covers all relevant aspects of your printing business.

All our software are provided with the related professional services, such as integration, consulting and training, to turn the products into business solutions, setting up a production environment perfectly tailored to your needs.