“Elitron has been heavily investing in innovative technology and automation to meet the growing demands of the sign & display and corrugated packaging markets,” begins Paolo Malatesta, Executive Director, Elitron. “Let your creativity take shape with Elitron’s complete platform of cutting & automation systems, and software. From stand-alone, multi-function sampling and production cutting systems with optional loading  and unloading/stacking, to fully automatic, integrated pallet-to- pallet industrial cutting automation there’s an Elitron cut out for your workload.”

Since the launch of the first pallet-to-pallet Kombo TAV cutting system in 2012, Elitron’s automatic, industrial cutting platform has gone from strength to strength. From pallet-to- pallet productivity, the platform now offers many more  interesting and patented features which have increased productivity both in family-run and multinational companies alike.

Single and multi-pallets are managed with minimal operator intervention during set up, for truly unmanned productivity, 24/7, with patented, integrated pallet logistics for non-stop production. The integrated, patented camera system, ‘Seeker System’ identifies the position of the printed graphics and reference point from both the top and underside and realigns the cutting file to allow for any possible distortion, for seamless productivity and the highest quality finish.

Alongside printed boards, Kombo TAV makes light of cutting & creasing corrugated, cardboard and honeycomb materials.“Single pallets and stacks can be loaded and unloaded from the front and back for in-line production, or from the sides if space is an issue in the production site and a smaller footprint is required,” adds Malatesta.

The optional, integrated rolling system, for roll-in, roll-out multi- pallet logistics management is engineered to meet the specific site automation requirements and can incorporate the automatic, in-line or stand alone, Reversa sheet turner for further automation.

Another option that has been widely adopted is the Acetal unloading conveyor which can be programmed to unload single, or batches of boards as required.

Two independent, multi-tool cutting heads cut and crease single or multiple smaller boards and Elitron’s patented ‘Airo Panel’ then removes all cut and waste material and creates a neat stack in the unloading bay, on the waiting pallet.

The highly eficient vacuum Airo Panel removes even the most testing cutting jobs and waste materials completely, and the company says that many of its customers say, “the Airo Panel is a real game-changer”.

For honeycomb, double and triplewall boards, the new, patented DL45 tool makes light of cutting a 90 degree V-Cut in one single pass, cutting production times of these materials by 50%, without compromising on the highest quality finish

The recently launched new PMH, Protective Material Handling system, ensures printed board is handled with the utmost care when being automatically loaded, to avoid any damage to the print. This system doesn’t drag sheets when loading but uses a contactless method to prevent any damage.

“Not only have Elitron invested in innovation of late, but they have also reduced energy consumption for their customers too. From 2023 all Elitron systems now come with the new EPMS, Elitron Power Management System which reduces energy consumption of the powerful vacuum by up to 50%,” concludes Malatesta.

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