Established in 2001, Gulfcrafts is a prominent design and manufacturing company based in Doha. Under the visionary leadership of Co-Founder and General Manager, Vicken Deyirmenijan, the company has evolved from a small team of four individuals to a thriving “family” of over 500 dedicated professionals. Committed to excellence, Gulfcrafts not only provides customers with a diverse and unique array of products and services but also places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality results.

Gulfcrafts has been a proud owner of Durst printers since 2011, recently adding to its printing arsenal the ground-breaking P5 500i. This cutting-edge machine upholds Durst’s tradition of outstanding printing quality while revolutionizing speed and efficiency.

The P5 500i is designed for low maintenance and ease of handling, offering the convenience of unattended printing. Among other outstanding features, it is equipped with an embodied cutting system, multiroll operation, double-sided printing, optimized ink refill, and a lightbox for improved quality control.

Parallel to its P5 500i installation, Gulfcrafts achieved another milestone by implementing the game-changing software Durst Workflow, which seamlessly integrates with the hardware, allowing a complete automation of prepress, colour management and production operations. All these capabilities combined with the expertise of Durst engineers significantly increase printing speed and productivity ensuring timely delivery without compromising quality.