The reason for the establishment of H-CAM SA was that the field of Additive Manufacturing, is a transformational approach to industrial production, which allows the rapid and flexible production of components, spare parts and systems with desirable properties , mainly with technology known as 3D Printing.

H-CAM SA aspires to be a unique one – stop – shop in Southeastern (SE) Europe, providing integrated services and technological solutions, research, training and education to all interested in the field of Additive Manufacturing, allowing the integration of pioneering approaches and technologies from a number of innovative companies operating within Greece and abroad.

The company initiated the acquisition of prosthetic manufacturing equipment by investing in an E1 printer from ETEC, which is represented by Lino SA in Greece. This is a DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology printer, which is characterized by the reliability of printing, the quality of the printing surface and the wide range of materials for industrial, medical and dental applications.

ETEC offers a variety of 3D printing systems capable of mass producing polymer components with the speed and quality required for demanding end-use applications. ETEC’s printers produce parts with exceptional accuracy, superior part properties, fine feature detail and smooth surface finishes at a scale and cost competitive with traditional manufacturing techniques.

The Envision One features patented CDLM (continuous digital light manufacturing) technology, which enables the ability for continuous printing. With little to no delay between layers, the Envision One delivers exceptional speed, print resolution, surface finish, and part properties.