Established as one of the most important technology & software systems integrator’s in South East Europe utilizing our expertize and our network of professional partners in each country.  The key milestones of LinoGroup Company are the following:

1997: Establishment of Linomedia s.a.
Main Markets Graphic Industry & Digital Printing

2003: Expansion in Turkey (LinoMedia A.S.)

2004: Expansion in Balkan countries with local partners

2009: LinoMedia restructuring to Lino s.a.

2010: LinoMedia/Turkey renamed to LinoSistem A.S.

2010: LinoGroup covers following countries:
Lino S.A.: Greece, Cyprus, Albania, FYROM, Bosnia
LinoRom: Romania, Moldavia LinoBulgaria: Bulgaria
LinoSistem A.S.: Turkey & Turkish Speaking Countries
DotPlus: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia

2011: Expansion in Israel (Lino Israel Ltd.)

2013: Acquisition of Ahead RM S.A.

2016: Expansion into 3D printing technologies