There are collaborations whose purpose is easy to understand in the additive manufacturing industry like the ones between 3D printer manufacturers and material producers, and there are collaborations that are just intriguing like the ones between provider of post-processing solutions and material producers. Two companies that have just found their path are PostProcess Technologies and Henkel.

How are they going to work together?

Both companies share a common vision to turn needs into scalable manufacturing processes. In this vein, Loctite, the 3D printing brand of Henkel, will provide its clients with more validated cleaning solutions for its 3D printing resins.

This is made possible thanks to the brand’s 3D Printing Workflow tool, which archives print settings as well as post cleaning and curing settings required to meet the specified material properties. Furthermore, the more each of these experts will develop solutions dedicated to photopolymer 3D printing, the better future workstreams will take advantage of this new possibility.

 According to Sam Bail, Head of 3D Printing Sales and Partnership Programs at Henkel, the fact that PostProcess delivers industrial solutions for post cleaning of photopolymer 3D resins is a great enabler in this partnership as “part cleaning and chemical compatibility is a critical step toward achieving repeatable material performance as part of Henkel’s workflow validation.”

It’s exciting for us to cooperate with a renowned brand in the additive manufacturing space,” said Jeff Mize, CEO, at PostProcess. “Much like Henkel, PostProcess keeps its eyes on not just one aspect of the additive process, but rather the entire end-to-end workstream. We’re looking forward to enabling Henkel’s future resin material developments with corresponding automated post-printing solutions that level up productivity and scalability.”

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