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Nipson Technology - Stacker ST20


The Nipson Technology Stacker ST20 complements the basic model of our DIGIFlex, allowing you to take maximum advantage of its unique capabilities.



The Nipson Technology Stacker ST20 can be easily integrated in any existing environment. It can be placed in-line or at a 90 degree angle, and it can be easily removed to make room for other post-processing equipment.



The stacker can accept a wide range of formats - up to 20.5 inches wide and up to 17 inches long – and a large variety of media such as carbonless paper, pressure sensitive labels, and heavy stock, all at the maximum printing speed.



To ensure excellent stacking results and smooth operation, even at high speeds, the Nipson Technology Stacker ST20 is equipped with a motorized swing arm to guide the paper in the stacker. To add to the productivity, it has been designed with ergonomics in mind. This is why a swinging tray delivers the output stack at the operator’s height, reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.


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Stacker ST20

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