The director of business development, Adam Shafer, describes how the addition of the Durst SPC 130 has transformed TRG’s capacity to manage customer needs and demands.

When TRG was looking to invest in technology platforms to create solutions for customers, the #durst SPC 130 high-speed digital press stood out above the rest as it gave high-speed and sustainable solutions that could also print on food-grade certified packaging. The aqueous spacing system, which is fully recyclable,  allows you to print on food-grade accredited packaging.
The fantastic print quality will enable us to produce at least 15-20 thousand sheets daily, meeting our client’s needs daily. The technology platform is above all others as the image quality is so detailed that you can almost grab the product from the packaging itself.

The director of value engineering and design, Jeff Jolley, notes how we can now offer all the solutions to our customer’s problems and needs with these high-speed presses.TRG can now offer variable print, go from sheet to press daily, and adapt quickly to our customer’s needs.

The VP of TRG Retail, Jude Cohen, says that one of the things they love the most is that we can give the customer more time to do what they want on the front end of a project, allowing them to make tweaks upfront on the fly and get the product out within a few days.

Kevin Paine, the project manager, further notes how it has improved the workflow at TRG.

Digital Manager, Joe Morgan, states that Durst has guided us in learning how the press works, teaching us all the tools to be independent.