High productivity and Quality at 300m/mn with 600dpi

Nipson Technology showed the new MagySpeed printer at Hunkeler InnovationDays in February 2019

  • Fast 300 m/min at 600 dpi
    • Fast production, time optimization, low operating costs
  • Flexible packaging applications up to 300 g/m2
    • Resists to low temperatures
  • Multi-substrates thanks to cold flash fusing and no paper touch
    • for example labels
    • Plastic surface
  • Cost Effective for high volume production environment
    • Replace all mono digital continuous printers with one
    • Gain operation costs
    • Gain space
    • Put all versatile blank and white applications onto one device
  • Tight Web integration
    • In an Offsetline thanks to variable speed and paper weight capacity
    • In a Flexo line thanks to variable speed and flexible substrates capacity
  • Up to 520 mm web width, (ideal for packaging environments) and duplex capabilities
  • Unique magnetic characteristics which is even useful to secure documents (not only checks) with magnetic reader to check original
  • Black quality for reading capabilities
  • Control cameras and security documents composition software available
  • IPDS compatible and of course PDF
  • Unique MICR, magnetic and fluorescent toner (2 colors available)


Version 150 m/mn 600 dpi mi 2019

Version 300m/min 300 dpi 2nd semester 2019

Version 300 m/min 600 dpi mid 2020



Nipson Technology showed the new MagySpeed printer at

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