Lino S.A. has been proving, since its establishment that it  has adopted  a clear customer – center concept  which  focuses on quality printing solutions employing the  Highest Standards of service, producing a wide range of Specialized solutions for its customers.

Lino S.A. endeavors to surpass the most discerning demand and to do so in a timely, transparent, professional and personal manner. By providing the best solutions with the highest value, Lino S.A. aims to be the ‘preferred partner’ to every enterprise with printing needs.

Since our business strategies reflect a customer-centered approach which include: developing a quality product appreciate by customers, and responding promptly and respectfully to customer complaints and product queries:

  • Pre-sales consultancy – Feasibility studies
  • Application development with h/w & s/w
  • After sales support
  • Financing schemes with EU Grant programs
  • New dimension in the business with 3D printing
  • 3D printing applications and testing laboratory established

Key Target Markets

  • Document Printing / Commercial Market
  • Transactional & Direct Mail Market
  • Label & Packaging Market
  • Advertising & Signage Market
  • 3D Manufacturing & Prototyping

Action Plan

  • Expanding market penetration in all target markets by increasing sales growth
  • Offering after-sales support with consumables & technical maintenance
  • Growing sales network in the South-East European Mediterranean region