The Digiprint company founded by Mr. Lefteris Soumpasis in 2002, representing evolution and natural continuity of a successful previous printing
operation. The Digiprint, based in Athens, operates in the LFDP advertising field. With modern technology, vertical production unit, deep knowledge of the market,print quality on all
materials, consistency and reliability, is now one of the most important industries in the sector. Recently, the company invested in the Durst Rho 1312 printer and Mr. Lefteris Soumpasis made the following statement: “Investing in new Durst printer came as a consequence of some factors: The leading technology of Durst, the longtime harmonious cooperation with Lino and our philosophy offer high quality services with fast delivery times and competitive costs, with modern and productive printers, and the incre

asing production requirements. Already for some years, we operate with two very reliable and productive Durst printers, the Rho 500R, 5m roll printer and the Rho 800HS, flatbed printer for printing of flexible and rigid materials with width up to 2.5 meters, with excellent results: quality, production speed and satisfied customers. The Durst Rho 1312, is the fastest and most qualitative industrial press in the market, offering us new oppurtunities for usiness in new markets. On this new printer can be transferred jobs from analog and traditional ways of production, with the advantages of digital printing – personalization, large format, applications with new media. And all these at a competitive cost. The print quality is amazing and opens up new markets, even in fields where the quality requirements are very high (eg ads for cosmetics).
The printer is equipped for printing carton and corrugated materials and offers the Gradual Flow Printing technology with exceptional image quality, high gloss finish and smooth solid areas,even at top speed. All our investments are made to offer our clients quality, speed and of course competitive prices. The investment on the Rho 1312 will enable us to meet the increasing volume of business, offer a variety of new applications in new markets.” The Rho 1312 is the most productive UV flat printer on the market in its class, with a print width of up to 2.5 meters, printing speed
up to 620 m²/h and drop size 12 pcl. The “Gradual Flow Printing” mode includes a wider transport belt and advancement of the media is minimal during the printing process. The media, with a maximum size of 125 x 250 cm is transported onto the belt, and the higher vacuum is applied outside the machine. This enables the image to be built up gradually, thus providing smoother tones over large areas and a high gloss finish, even at the highest speeds. The printer offers increased reliability when printing and great flexibility in the use of materials, particularly in the difficult and heat sensitive materials. Improvements in the supply system include higher reliability during printing, better performance with difficult media and better media registration.