Etichete Flexo is a leading company in the labels printing market in Romania. Founded in 2006 and based in Alexandria started producing selfadhesive labels on flexographic equipment and very soon entered into digital printing label market.


Today’s production of Etichete Flexo covers widerange of self-adhesive labels, from short runs tohundreds of thousands pieces. Offering complete selfadhesive label printing solutions starting from design services to complete label the company can produce full color jobs with modern technologies/ printing machines and finishing equipment.

The company is active in markets such as beverages, winery, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and plans to expand to other markets, too. Mr. Bogdan Burducea, Managing Director of Etichete Flexo said: “We are printing digitally labels for six years now and during this time we were keeping quality and quick response times to our customers’ requests. On the other hand the customers’ requests were increasing and we needed to add production capacity. Searching the market we came to conclusion that Durst Tau 330 UV inkjet six color label press with plus white was
the machine responding to our needs with excellent technical characteristics: high speed 48m/min (even with 7 colors), high flexibility regarding the printing substrates, outstanding shine and color brilliance and covers almost all of Pantone scale. Also, in order to handle the new production volumes of  labels we needed to find solution with high standards finishing. And this finishing solution should be digital, fast and not based on cost and time consuming die cutting. After careful consideration of different solutions in the market, we chose the Sei Laser Labelmaster Laser Cutting system because it fully matches with our production needs. Significant in our decision were the flexibility offered by Labelmaster, the cutting quality, the ability to handle sensitive materials and the fact that it is a reliable system.  We are confident that with the investments in the Durst´s print solution and the SEI Labelmaster finishing our production capacity and quality
go to the next level and we will cover all our customers’ requirements regarding the delivery times, quality and new applications”.

  Durst Tau 330 The Tau 330 is designed for shorthand  medium-run narrow web applications, covering widths from 16.5-33.0 cm (6.5-13.0 in.) and running at print speeds up to 48m per minute – output capacity can reach 950 sqm per hour. Sharp,precise print quality for today’s most demanding label and package printing applications is made possible by Durst’s proprietary UV inkjet print head technology. This technology – featuring advanced drop-on demand, variable drop size, and gray scale capabilities – delivers a print resolution of 720×1.260 dpi, which generates highly defined texts and intricate details in all graphics and images. Chemical – and scratch-resistant, the Tau 330’s UV inks are made to last. Labels and other print items produced with these inks can be expected to endure  for years – even in outdoor environments including harsh sunlight. These inks are also appropriate for safety signs, as well as various industrial sites. The Tau 330’s UV inks, which are heavily pigmented, with high opacity white ink similar to screen printing have been specially devised to enable the label press to use significantly less ink than is generally the case, without sacrificing the quality of the printed designs, producing outstanding color brilliance. Also the combination of seven color stations achieves close to 98% Pantone color scale.

The highly flexible Tau 330 can be integrated with any third-party finishing system – conventional or digital – making it one of the most versatile solutions on the market. It requires no in-line priming to handle industry-standard substrates, and is compatible with a wide range of specialty films and foils, such as coated and uncoated, supported and unsupported substrates, Paper, white and transparent film, PP, PE, PVC, PET, BOPP, aluminum foil. Altogether, the capabilities of the Tau 330 translate into remarkable flexibility and productivity  for a wide variety label and specialty packaging jobs. For the Tau 330 platform, Durst offers a dedicated digital workflow software. This comprehensive solution covers all prepress process steps from data management and print data preparation to output on the printer and reporting. Access to the software is browser-based and can also be used without any additional installations from mobile devices.

The Durst Workflow-Label system offers a range of modules that can be expanded at any time and adapted to today and future requirements. Various modules include solutions for variable data printing, ink cost calculations, color management system, job management, imposition and more. Sei Laser Labelmaster Sei Laser (Bergamo Italy) is a specialist in the production of laser systems covering all possible laser needs in industrial markets. With a history in the field for around 40 years, a strong R&D department and an extensive experience in laser applications, Sei Laser is a pioneer in this market with high end laser systems.

Sei Labelmaster is a technologically advanced laser system for converting roll materials in the packaging & labelling industry. It is the best modular solution for digital and traditional finishing. Labelmaster can be configured according to specific needs. The laser  technology also offers unique advantages previously impossible to have: now you can make different finishing processes for different applications thanks to a single system in a single step such as laser cutting, laser die-cutting, mechanical semi-rotary die-cutting, flexography, selective flexography, semi-rotary hot stamping in gold, self-wound lamination, lamination with liner,Label Shifter, laser cutting, laser marking, laser microperforation, cutting of single sheets (sheeting), longitudinal roll cutting (slitting) and rewinding options. The interaction of laser technology with printing creates new opportunities in the labelling market: the innovative combination of the product decoration, identification and counterfeiting ensures the success of the layout. The substrates can vary from paper, wine paper, PP, BOPP, PET, PMMA, PETG. Production speeds can reach up to 65 meters per minute depending on the substrate, the label shape and complexity. All SEI Laser systems are operated through touch panel via ICARO proprietary software which operates on Windows™ platform, making them easy to interface with the most evolved CAD-CAM versions on the market.