I.DI.K.A. SA (E-Governance in Social Security), former K.I.Y.K.Y. (Computer Center of Social Services) is a company which:
– offers a wide range of IT and communications services
to social security and health benefits.
– designs, develops, operates and maintains integrated
Information & Communications Systems, to support
pension funds and citizen services.
– provides printing services activities to social security
and healthcare providers (eg Informative prints for
social security, etc.).
The operating environment of I.D.I.K.A is an integrated printing environment, common to all central systems (servers) of the company and includes a central Print Server used to collect, develop, manage and print files sent over a network to print from any UNIX network system, using the “special printing software.”
Following a public tender procedure, an additional integrated printing system was added to the existing printing environment of I.DI.K.A. Lino SA (in collaboration with Altec   tegration S.A.) undertook the supply and installation of a Nipson Digilfex high-speed black and white digital printing system, accompanied by a GMC INSPIRE personalized communication software suite for designing applications and managing the production of all I.DI.KA.’s printing jobs. It should be noted that the Nipson Digiflex was added to its two
existing Nipson 7000 printing systems. The Nipson 7000s were for years the backbone of I.DI.K.A.‘s printing fleet, with excellent printing and production results. Capable of handling print media widths up to 520 mm, combined with a 468 mm imaging width, the Nipson Digiflex offers a wide array of standard and non-standard formats and image lengths up to 915mm and is built for continuous production and maximum uptime in the most demanding print production environments. Nipson presses can also print on the widest range of materials, including coated and uncoated paper, labels, foil, carbonless stocks, heavy stocks and plastic ”TipOn” cards. Thanks to its magnetic printing technology Nipson offers applications such as printing on hologramms and on PVC media, MICR printing for financial and security applications. Printing MICR  magnetic ink character recognition) is Nipson’s feature for financial (e.g. checks) and security applications and this feature is unique in graphic arts. Thanks to the cold flash fusing used in NIPSON’s monochrome printers, the substrate does not heat up or dry out, the image is not distorted and no static electricity is produced – an important consideration when using post-processing equipment. The benefits are great, since the pages after printing remain completely flat and the “wrinkled” pages are completely avoided in the printing of books and other print  statements. Furthermore, the post-printing paper treatment is more reliable since paper is not affected by heat, no static electricity has been produced and thus no need for rewetting. Nipson’ s digital printers company are fastest digital printers in the industry of digital press printing (DIGIFlex, VaryPress 400 and VaryPress 500).                  
By reducing the time of printing and high quality printing, Nipson’s technology offers direct and added benefits, both short and long term, to their users. Left image: prints from Nipson (flash fusion). Right image : prints with other technology (hot roll fusing).