PRESS RELEASE – Official establishment of HCAM S.A.



The «Hellenic Center for Additive Manufacturing S.A. – HCAM» announces today, 24 February, 2022 its establishment and start of operation in Patras, Greece.


The main motivation for the establishment of HCAM S.A. was the acknowledgment that the Additive Manufacturing sector with the so-called 3D Printing technology can transform the industrial production, allowing the rapid creation of products with desired properties.  


HCAM S.A. will fill an existing gap with the creation of a Competence Center in 3D Printing technologies, in Greece and South-Eastern Europe. The recent example of the Covid-19 pandemic showed that immediate solutions can be found using 3D printing for medical support. In Greece, until now there was no dedicated Center to collect and respond to such requests at the scale needed. HCAM S.A. aspires to be a unique one-stop-shop providing end-to-end technological solutions and integrated services to companies, as well as research, training, development and education activities in the field of Additive Manufacturing for various sectors, such as energy, maritime, aerospace, medical, etc.


The establishment and operation of HCAM S.A. has clearly defined objectives regarding the expected outcomes:

  • Strengthening and modernization of the Greek economy through the technological upgrade of Greek companies that lag behind in the assimilation of 3D Printing technologies,
  • Promotion of the Additive Manufacturing sector for its wider dissemination and use by stakeholders,
  • Provision of integrated services to companies/users for the development of new products and services based on 3D Printing technologies,
  • Training of early-stage scientists and business executives from different disciplines that can benefit from technologies related to Additive Manufacturing,
  • Creation of jobs that will respond to the forthcoming challenges of the 4th industrial revolution,
  • Expansion of the activities of HCAM S.A. in the wider geographical area of South-Eastern Europe, which lacks an integrated support center for 3D Printing technologies,
  • Contribution to the wider modernization and upgrading of the countries of South-Eastern Europe that show a deficit in the assimilation of new technologies.

Nine (9) stakeholders of the Greek R&I ecosystem with a strong presence in Greece and internationally, participate in the shareholder structure of HCAM S.A., namely:

  • CBL Patras S.A.
  • Foundation for Research and Technology–Hellas (FORTH)
  • LINO S.A.
  • MONOLITHOS Catalysts Ltd
  • NewelevenCapital Ltd


In its effort to become a center of excellence in Additive Manufacturing, to place Greece in a leading position in the field, and attract clients at a global scale, HCAM S.A. is seeking to recruit highly motivated professionals offering a competitive salary, an attractive benefits package, great opportunities for professional development, as well as an exciting, fresh and collaborative work environment. More information on new job postings will be available soon.


We want to acknowledge the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI) for its support and funding through the Action ‘Competence Centers’, making a strong contribution to the enhancement of competitiveness in the region of Western Greece and in the whole Country.


For more information, please contact:

Ms. Eugenia Agelopoulou

Hellenic Center for Additive Manufacturing S.A. – HCAM (

Patras Science Park

T: 2610 647602



The action ΄Competence Centers΄ is funded through the Operational Program ΄Competitiveness – Entrepreneurship – Innovation 2014 – 2020΄.