SEI Laser


SEI LASER designs and manufactures integrated solutions based on laser technology: industrial laser systems, OEM laser systems, converting solutions, backlight solutions, for the cutting and the marking of each type of material.

The sensitivity to market needs, the excellent expertise of SEI Laser R&D Department, the excellent engineering skills and industrialization, the wide range of product satisfy the needs of the customers. There is also a wide range of services such as technical and economic feasibility studies, process consulting, Hardware and Software development, installation, commissioning and site testing, training of the contractor’s staff, start–up production, diagnosis of machines and after sales service.


We like speaking frankly. The system integrates into the company workflow providing automatic work without start up times: this is the real advantage of the digital solution. Label Master can work 350 mm webs at high speed 60 mt/min: some competitors advertise even higher speeds but these speeds are often obtained when reduced webs are processed.


SEI laser systems are manufactured in full: from mechanics, electronics, optical parts (including the galvanometric movement technology with its proprietary heads) to software. Every single part exploits cutting edge technology and takes the market needs into account.


To obtain a profitable production in the digital era it is therefore important and fundamental to dispose of a flexible system that can easily be customized and integrated into the company workflow. Changes in job, material parameters and quantities are automatically carried out thanks to SEI LASER’s software which can be integrated into the most important preprinting softwares. Finishing, converting, detecting and slitting are therefore automatically carried out thanks to the software that is matched to the company workflow. The semi-automatic turret of LABEL Master enables production of the required quantities from each single roll. The pieces are counted, slitted and no further control and slitting units are required. In short, the rolls are automatically processed from PDF to Shipment.


SEI finishing – PaperOne

SEI finishing – Labelmaster

SEI Laser laser machine Labelmaster, used instead of the traditional mechanical die cutter, allows a fully digital work flow from the beginning to the end: from the “PDF” file to delivery, guaranteeing a fluid workflow.

Labelmaster is therefore a technologically advanced laser system for converting roll materials in the packaging & labelling industry. It is the best modular solution for digital and traditional finishing. Labelmaster can be configured according to specific needs at the moment of purchase and later with optional upgrades that can be installed on site.

The laser technology also offers unique advantages previously impossible to have: today you can make different finishing processes for different applications thanks to a single system in a single step such as laser cutting, laser die-cutting, mechanical semi-rotary die-cutting, flexography, selective flexography, semi-rotary hot stamping in gold, self-wound lamination, lamination with liner, Label Shifter, laser cutting, laser marking, laser micro-perforation, cutting of single sheets (sheeting), longitudinal roll cutting (slitting).

SEI finishing – PACKMASTER