The food industry group and its printing company Haitoglou SA from Thessaloniki has made a new investment in digital label printing.

During 2018, Haitoglou SA Graphic Arts had invested in the Durst Tau 330LM UV inkjet label and packaging printer and two years later decided to invest in the new Durst Tau RSC E 330LM with Durst Workflow software.

At the company’s premises in Kalochori Thessaloniki, an area of ​​2,500 sq.m. are housed all  departments involved in the production process. In 2018, in the context of modernizing its equipment, Haitoglou SA Graphic Arts launched a new digital printing department in a new building.

Today it is a fully integrated unit where excellent and direct collaboration between pre-printing, production and other departments enables the offer of high quality services, from first contact with the customer and after delivery of the finished product.

Mrs. Denise Haitoglou, owner of the company, stated for the new investment: “At Labelexpo 2019 exhibition we saw the new expanded capabilities of the Durst Tau RSC E 330LM printer and decided it was the right technology for the development of our production.”

The Durst Tau RSC E 330LM label printing system was first introduced at the Labelexpo 2019 exhibition in Brussels, where it operated all the time with the new improved Low Migration UV inks, attracting the attention of the visitors.

The Durst Tau 330 RSC E UV inkjet system combines industrial productivity with unparalleled print quality and efficiency. The press uses state-of-the-art Durst RSC technology. The 1200 x 1200 dpi printhead resolution combined with the smaller 2pl drop size delivers photographic-like print quality, delivering a 1-point fine print. With a high printing speed of 52 m / min the production capacity can reach 1020 m / h. In addition, white can be used at full speed of 52m/min.

Regarding the software the printer is equipped with new Durst software solutions included in all Tau printers: The Durst Workflow Label, complete end-to-end workflow software and the Monitoring Tool: Durst Analytics. Production data can feed into the customer’s MIS / ERP system, and can be fed to the online ordering system (Durst Smart Shop) creating a complete and efficient software system – the Durst Software Ecosystem.

The Tau RSC 330LM prints with Tau LM (Low Migration) inks with low migration and low odor. These inks are specifically and carefully designed for printing on primary food packaging. They can be used for food labels, cosmetics, blister packs, and special packaging such as aluminum lids or small paper boxes.

Inks are approved for food packaging in accordance with the guidelines of the EuPIA and the Swiss Ordinance regulations. Low migration Tau inks do not contain substances that are expressly excluded from the Nestlé Ink Specification. The inks have been tested and declared as compliant with Nestle Certificate by independent test institutes.

For applications with low migration inks on film, such as blisters, aluminum film, aluminum lids or heat-sensitive printing materials, there is an optional cooling unit that reduces the temperature of the printed films for inks hardening.

To meet the demands of the food and drug industries, which require odorless printing, an optional inert gas system eliminates odor from UV inkjet inks.

Inks are available in the following colors: Basic CMYK, Orange and White and will soon be added Blue.

Inks can be used in a large number of substrates: Coated and uncoated, supported and unsupported substrates, paper, white and transparent film, PP, PE, PVC, PET, BOPP, aluminum foil.