Clever Systemtechnik, Schnaittach, Germany The uncomplicated and powerful Durst Workflow Label is ideally suited to achieve fast turnaround times in repro and production planning.

“It is extremely important to achieve fast turnaround times in repro and production planning especially for small and medium runs. The uncomplicated and powerful Durst Workflow Label is ideally suited for this, and the competent employees of Durst Professional Services were on hand to help us with words and deeds.”

(Niko von Hanstein, Head of Production, PrePress)

Clever Systemtechnik has been offering innovative complete solutions for all types of labels since 1993. From three different locations, the company supplies customers throughout Germany in the food, cosmetics, beverage, textile and automotive sectors. In 2017, Clever Systemtechnik decided to invest in a Durst Tau 330 Low Migration UV Inkjet Printer and to plan the integration of a workflow in order to meet its customers’ demands for shorter runs and shorter delivery times.

“Until then, we had had all repro work done externally and it simply took too long. Customers are demanding that their jobs be completed in ever shorter time and in shorter runs. It was clear to us that we could only optimize our connectivity and job scheduling with an efficient workflow solution. We also became aware of the Durst Workflow Label with the purchase of the Durst Tau 330.”

“Since we had to start from scratch, we naturally researched different vendors and solutions,” says Mr von Hanstein. “But it quickly became clear that the Durst Workflow Label was simply the best solution for us. Durst’s competent staff stood by us step by step during the introduction and optimized the software and press without interface problems.

“The powerful Durst Workflow Label now covers all processes from data management and print data preparation to print output and reporting! This optimization has resulted in an enormous increase in productivity. For jobs that used to take up to 10 days, we now only need 4 days,” explains Mr von Hanstein.

The company is also enthusiastic about the easy handling of the software. The intuitively designed program is very user-friendly and does not require a fully trained repro force for common corrections. The outdated folder structure at Clever Systemtechnik could be replaced by a modern database-driven solution that organizes data management in the Durst workflow.

Thus, the company has a fast and clear access to all articles manufactured so far. All data, including variable data, which previously had to be printed separately, can now be created easily and quickly via the software and sent to the printer. As a result, the company was not only able to react better to the wishes of existing customers, but was also able to win many new customers, such as start-ups.

“But the Durst Professional Services team does not stand still. We are now working together to implement an interface from the ERP system to the workflow in order to further increase the speed from order entry to printing. In the next 6 – 12 months we want to introduce an approval portal so that customers can see and approve their print image faster and delivery times can be shortened again. Together with Durst, we are already planning an online shop so that customers can design and order online as required. Without Durst’s future-oriented and competent employees, this project would certainly not have been so successful! Durst Professional Services has been a strong partner for us from the very beginning. No matter whether we need support for our workflow or our printing press, Durst’s competent employees always have a solution ready for us.”