Delta SPC 130

The Delta SPC 130 is based on the latest generation of Single-Pass printing systems that Durst is already using successfully in the ceramics- and label-printing segments. Durst has continuously developed Single-Pass technology since 2005 and has a broad installation base with over 700 Gamma and Tau printing systems around the world.

With the Delta SPC 130 Durst released an all new single pass solution for the corrugated cardboard industry.

With the Delta SPC 130, Durst is now adapting its Single-Pass technology for the corrugated industry. The Delta SPC 130 combines a wellengineered mechanical design with easily accessible sub-assemblies and selected components to guarantee durable quality, high performance and reliability.

The printing system offers unrivaled versatility, low maintenance requirements and in-built 24/7 reliability. It can be configured with up to 6 color rows and has a maximum printing width of 1285 mm.

Any length of corrugated cardboard or paper media of up to 12 mm in thickness can be printed—with a resolution of up to 800 dpi and at a print speed of up to 9350 sqm/h.

The Delta SPC 130 is equipped with Durst’s SPC Drop-on-Demand print head technology and has a non-hazardous ink system and an IR/UV drying process designed for high productivity.

Delta 250

Delta Multi-Pass UV printing system print with a resolution of 1000 dpi and offer additional process colors like light cyan, light magenta, orange and purple or orange and green, in order to deliver the most subtle printing results. The printing system can be also configured with the color option „White Underprint“ and fits so perfect for printing on brown corrugated materials. The Delta 250 series sets a quality standard for industrial UV inkjet printing.

Delta 2500 Plus, Delta 2500 HS

The Delta 2500 and the Delta 2500 HS are the flagships of the Delta UV flatbed printer portfolio with Multi-Pass technology. They combine high print quality and printing speed with unrivaled versatility. The Delta 2500 and Delta 2500 HS can be also equipped with „White Option“.

The printing systems feature a maximum print width of 2500 mm, which also makes it highly suitable for dual track printing.

The productity of the Delta 2500 HS is 190 boards/h in high quality 2 pass mode and can be raised up to 370 boards/h in Draft mode. The Delta 2500 Plus offers a productivity of 111 boards/h in high quality 2 pass mode and can be raised to 330 boards/h for volume jobs.

Delta WT 250

The Delta WT 250 represents a new generation of printers incorporating Durst Water Technology. The system prints from flexo quality up to supberb litho quality with odorless ink. Durst Water Technology is highly suited for a range of Corrugated Packaging and Displays applications. Durst WT Inks are completely free of hazardous labeling and comply with the strictest health and safety regulations.

The Delta WT 250 system is equipped with recirculating Durst Quadro Arra printheads and Delta WT Inks. This additional recirculation behind the nozzleplate of the printhead ensures open time and reliability. In order to achieve up to superb litho quality look and feel, the odorless ink film is fixed, dried and sealed in one integrated process. The Delta WT 250 print with maximum 6 colors (CMYK plus optional LcLm) on small board sizes from A3 (297 x 420 mm) up to very large boards with a maximum size of 2500 x 3200 mm.