Lino has been awarded the Best Partner of the Year 2022 by the Durst Group’s Labels and Flexible Packaging Division.
The award was presented during the annual meeting of sales partners from around the world at the Group’s headquarters in January 2023.

Lino offers the TAU RSC UV inkjet label and flexible packaging printers in the Balkan region, Turkey and Israel.

The award of the best representative is based on criteria such as the number of sales (essentially the increase in sales compared to previous years), the total effort made by the representative in the region in which he operates by participating in industry exhibitions, sending information material at regular intervals and corresponding publications.

The award was received on behalf of Lino by Mr. Kostas Domalis, Lino’s Sales Manager in the region and Mr. Hakan Sahin, General Manager at LinoSistem, Lino’s subsidiary in Turkey

Mr. Domalis stated in this regard: “It is a great honor to be named as the partner of the Year at a global level.
It means that the Durst Group recognizes the successes we have had in our region with a respectable number of installations of Tau RSC series UV inkjet printers.

It means that our customers have recognized the benefits of Tau RSC printers with the highest print quality, top digital speed and very low production costs combined with efficient Durst Workflow software.”