The Durst UVC-R air disinfection system ‘Habitat’ is the solution against infectious aerosols, viruses and germs. As scientific studies in Europe and the USA show, aerosols are primarily the cause for the transmission of COVID-19. Durst Habitat effectively reduces the viral load indoors.

Durst Habitat is designed to reduce the viral load in indoor environments such as offices, schools, restaurants, bars, stores or banks and making the environment safer. The air disinfection system with UV-C technology is highly efficient, whisper-quiet and can be personalized for any environment.


Durst Habitat has an airflow-optimized design that  efficiently eliminates viruses like COVID-19. The continuously drown-in infectious air is guided past several UV-C light sources via mirrored channels. The fluid dynamics ensure a maximum exposure time and irradiation of the air in the channels.

Developed in Durst Labs and tested by independent, accredited European test laboratories, Durst Habitat achieves an effectiveness of >99%.