Haitoglou SA Graphic Arts has been active since 2008 in the markets for adhesive labels and flexible packaging in the food and beverage, personal and household hygiene, cosmetics and industrial products sectors and offers complete printing and finishing solutions.

Permanent aim of the company is the complete integration and development through the continuous investment in modern equipment and specialized personnel.

At the company’s premises in Kalochori, Thessaloniki, in an area of ​​2,500 sq.m. are housed all departments involved in the production process.

A purely integrated plant with in-house departments of prepress, press and the other departments, which makes it possible to offer high quality services, from first contact with the client and after delivery of the final product.

In 2018, as part of the modernization of Haitoglou Graphic Arts SA’s equipment, a new digital printing department is launched, in a new building. Existing digital equipment were   transferred to the new building and an investment in a Durst Tau 330LM UV inkjet printer has been materialized.

Mrs. Denis Haitoglu, owner of the company, stated regarding this new investment:

“Our company has been investing in digital printing since 2014 following the market trend and the needs of our customers.

With the existing equipment we have covered a great part of digital printing needs. The unique printing results of the DURST press was something we wanted to add to our portfolio. Another motivation was the extra colors offered by the machine as well as the sense of silk screen printing.

Apart from its expanded customer base, our company also serves the needs of HAITOGLOU BROS SA, a company with a strong export orientation and with top collaborations with foreign brands at high standards.

LM Ink technology will help Haitoglu Graphic Arts to serve large companies and be placed as an approved printer for major international brands.”

Durst Tau 330 is a digital UV inkjet labels and packaging printer with a print width of 330   mm (13 in.) designed for small and medium-sized prints with a print width from 16.5 cm to 33 cm. Patented single-pass UV inkjet technology from Durst offers up to seven inkjet colors. CMYK colors are supplemented with opaque white as well as the optional Orange and Purple colors, offering over 90% coverage of the Pantone color range, depending on the printing material, producing vivid, shiny colors superior to flexography.

The Durst Tau 330 offers a High Definition printing function with a print resolution of up to 1260 dpi. With this feature the press achieves highly defined and crisp text and small details with high image quality.

Variable data printing includes printing of variable colors, image files, texts (variable font sizes, variable fonts, aligments), variable and colorful barcodes, variable and colorful QRcodes, and creation of serial numbers even without a database. Printing speed is 48 m / min and 40 m / min in high definition printing.

In accordance with the Durst Tau motto „Configure Your Digital Future“, the Tau 330 RSC works as a stand-alone printer or as a hybrid solution with the addition of conventional finishing options. With the Tau 330 Series, Durst offers a variable, versatile, adjustable and configurable machine system which can be individually adapted to customer needs.

A number of different inks are available for Durst’s Tau printing systems. Depending on the selected application, high resistance, adhesion, light fastness, and color space together with low migration and odor reduction are key criteria that Durst inks satisfy.

Tau low-migration UV inks allow printing on primary food packaging. This could include self-adhesive labels for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals as well as special packaging such as aluminum caps or folding cartons. Their chemical composition meets all the guidelines of the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) and the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles. Tau low-migration inks contain no substances that are explicitly excluded by the Nestle Packaging Inks Specification.

Durst Tau UV inks  can be used on a wide range of different materials and surfaces, such as coated or uncoated materials, with or without base: paper, cardboard, white and transparent films, PP, PE, PVC, PET, BOPP and aluminum films.