On behalf of the LinoGroup family, we would like to warmly thank all those who expressed in all ways their sorrow for the unexpected loss of Maroussa Konstantinidou, founder and wife of Christos Anastasiou, to whom we “said goodbye” on Wednesday 12/01/2022.

Maroussa Konstantinidou, founding member of LinoMedia and until today CFO of LinoGroup, fought bravely against cancer, facing it bravely and with incredible dignity until the last moment.

She was distinguished, in her years of longevity, not only for her kindness, but also for her positive thinking, her humor and her extraordinary effectiveness.

We also thank those who, in memory of the deceased, supported the efforts of the Association of Parents of Children with Neoplastic Disease “Flame” – www.floga.org.gr – for the treatment of childhood cancer with their donation in lieu of a wreath.