Durst software delivers top quality for Magnacrom Digital’s color-demanding clients

“You have exceeded expectations. Your software is jaw-dropping – other vendors just don’t have anywhere near the same quality. We have a lot of trust in Durst.”

Magnacrom Digital, a long-standing Durst customer, serves a retail customer base in Mexico City as well as the wider Latin America markets and across the USA. It employs 38 experienced and fully trained staff. Giant technology companies and international retailers, particularly luxury brands, are among its customer base.

“As you can imagine, luxury brands have exceptional color-demanding requirements,” said Eloy Palacios, Co-Owner and Managing Director for Magnacrom Digital. “These are met thanks to Durst’s outstanding software. Color-replication file prints are highly impressive in all areas, but significantly superior on color gradients where we can achieve unprecedented control of the gray-scale axis.

Magnacrom Digital has two different production sites, one dedicated to UV producting using a recently acquired Rho 312R Plus and the other specializing in dye-sublimation fabrics and soft-signage with Durst Rhotex 180TR and Rhotex 325 production systems. The software provided through the newly-formed Durst Professional Services division links through all the printers.

“With our previous system, it took a lot of time to perfect the colors, the other software didn’t have the same quality,” said Mr Palacios. “But now we have halved the typical campaign press-check time down. This represents savings for our clients, more production time on our side and much better color output than before.

“One of our customers is the most color-demanding client you will ever meet, but even they have been amazed at the results. Durst Software has opened our eyes to some incredible opportunities ahead to enable us to grow our business. We are now undergoing further development work and will be working side by side with Durst, a company that delivers. It has the best products, now it has the best software solutions as well.”

The intuitive solution from Durst is also helping Magnacrom Digital to cut down on ink usage and material wastage. “The software has resulted in a 30% reduction in ink costs across our printers, while increasing the quality of our production when normally reducing ink usage results in a drop in print quality,” said Mr Palacios. “The software analyses the output in a different way and uses algorithms to ensure the most effective processes. We have far less wastage, particularly with materials at the start of production.”

Mr Palacios concluded: “We could never have achieved what we have without Durst. It’s been a true partner and we’ve worked side by side. It’s a company that reacts superfast to any concerns and there has been a lot of trust throughout the years. There is an extremely high degree of professionalism with Durst’s staff.”