HOTFB330 Standalone Hot Foil

HOTFB330 Standalone Hot Foil

Hot stamping with gold, silver or holographic effects combined with embossing gives great embellishment results to the labels.

GM HOTFB330 with 50-ton precision hot stamping offers all these finishing effects in one small device. The machine can be used for foil stamping, embossing or one pass foil & embossing giving you the possibility to produce high-quality labels.


The best way to impress consumers is the right combination of quality and beauty, and this is where the FB330 flatbed hot stamp unit from Grafisk Maskinfabrik will help you out. The HOTFB330 is an innovative unit that will give your labels an impressive and unique look-and-feel. On the matter of the quality of hot stamping, the flatbed is the best choice, and on the matter of beauty, the FB330 can add intricate details of gold, silver or even holograms to your labels.

Furthermore, the HOTFB330 is not a one-trick-pony, it will do both hot foil and cold embossing to serve all your needs. Advanced features such as foil saver, servo-register and electronic temperature control & BST web-guide comes as standard.


  • Servo register system for printed marks or optional label gap sensor
  • BST ultrasonic web guide.
  • Easy loading of plate and counter plate in the hot state
  • Graphical touch screen with label counter, meter counter, alarms & more
  • Easy web access and maintenance
  • Runs offline or inline with other GM converting machines
Web width50 – 330 mm2 – 13″
Substrate50 – 200 µm2 – 8 pt.
Stamp speedUp to 35/minUp to 115 ft/min
Stamp plate304.8 x 330 mm12 x 13″
Plate thickness5 – 15 mm0.2 – 0.6″
Plate materialMagnesium, brass, copper, polymer
Foil unwind & rewind25.4 or 76.2 mm1 or 3″
Diameter max.Ø600 mm23.6″
Core diameter76.2 or 152.4 mm3 or 6″
Diameter max.Ø500 mm19.7″
Core diameter25 – 152 mm1 – 6″
Power / Air3x400V+N+PE, 25A, 6 bar 
Dimensions (WxDxH)2.2 x 1.3 x 1.9 m 7.3 x 4.1 x 6.2 ft

Foil and emboss

Emboss and foil in one tool. The precision of the GM flat bed system supports combo tools that foil and emboss in one go. This ensures perfect registration between the foiling and embossed features on the label.

Mix colours and effects

Create amazing effect using multiple foil streams with different colours or effects. Gold & Silver are classics, but special effects like clear foils for gloss imitations and high gloss signature black is popular as well.

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Durst launches the new P5 350 High Speed printing system including a high speed full automation, a complete workflow solution and a full ink portfolio.

Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, has unveiled a raft of innovations as it continues its journey to become a complete solutions provider in line with its “Pixel to Output” strategy. Central is the P5 350 High Speed printer – together with the Durst “Automat” ™ a new full automation system, enhanced Durst software, a full LED ink portfolio and partnerships.

Launched in a virtual event, “Firework of Innovations”, the P5 350 HS is the newest family member from the P5 technology platform with Durst Automat, the fully automated inline solution that makes production processes far more versatile and efficient for customers. The Durst Workflow is now available for non-Durst printers, following the announcement of a partnership with PrintFactory, which superior API software enables an easy management of mixed print environments. In line with its strategy, Durst has expanded its offer with Workflow, Analytics, automation and ink solutions for printers to deliver complete solutions from Pixel to Output.

The new Durst P5 350 HS can print at over 600 sqm per hour, which is twice the speed of the Durst P5 350 standard model, thus being the most productive hybrid printer in the market. Additionally, thanks to the same unique features that made the P5 350 successful, such as the multiroll and the multitrack 6 option, the new model retains the level of high versatility. It can be configured with up to nine color channels including light colors and white, and varnish for special multilayer printing applications such as “Day&Night”, “In&Out”, and up to 12 layers hapt-printing.

The high versatility is maintained also in combination with Durst Automat, the new fully automated board feeding and stacking system, which can manage up to two lanes, also with different board sizes up to 3.5 m width (137.8 inch) and 2.2 m (86.6 inch) length and has a loading capacity of 90 cm (35.5 inch).
Thanks to its sliding registration tables, a comfortable access to the roll tool enables a fast material change operated by only one single operator.

Installations of the Durst P5 350 HS – combined with Durst Automat – will start from the end of Q1 in 2021. Durst Workflow is a browser-based data management handling system that includes pre-press functionalisity as well as the ripping. The proven workflow for PDF toolbox, color management and rip engine ensures highest quality and ink cost optimization.

At the Firework of Innovations event, Durst also announced the introduction of the new POP Flexible LED Ink. This has impressive color gamut, unmatched combination of flexibility, stackability and adhesion. It is a best-in-class hybrid ink suitable for a wide variety of roll-to-roll and board media. Another future-proof ink that can be loaded into Durst’s full portfolio of LED printers.

Durst has been steadily building its workflow offerings in line with its end-to-end thinking for 360-degree business solutions aimed at the Smart Factory concept to streamline production and processes. Durst Smart Shop, Workflow, Analytics, Lift ERP – and now Durst Automat – are all pushing the boundaries of automation and innovation. All are backed by consultancy and seamless integration provided through Durst Professional Services.

Christian Harder, Durst Group’s Global Sales Director, Graphics Segment, said: “The launch of our latest family Durst P5 member, the P5 350 HS, is an important statement of our firm commitment to continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the large format market. It’s among a raft of innovations that we have unveiled to the market as part of our Pixel to Output strategy. Customers are demanding all-in-one solutions, which we provide as we move towards becoming a complete solution provider. In an integrated world, printers need to change as well. And we’ll help them on that journey through hardware, software, inks and collaborations.”

Christoph Gamper, Durst Group CEO and Co-Owner, said: “We’re looking forward to the future. I am confident that in 2021 the economy will recover and, in some fields, be even stronger than before. So we will continue what we do best: innovating with passion. In 2019, we launched the P5 platform and we now have more than 100 systems around the globe. This is a great achievement, so a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of our customers, partners and our great Durst team members across the world.”


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PrintFactory announces association with Durst

PrintFactory announces a key partnership with Durst, which will now be using the PrintFactory API to provide customers in mixed print environments with superior workflow software.

Durst has a reputation for being the unrivaled technology leader in digital large format printing. Quality and reliability are its cornerstones. With the Pixel to Output strategy, Durst expanded its offer with software solutions for printers to deliver complete solutions from Pixel to Output.

PrintFactory’s color management technology and high-speed, XML-centric RIP will be pivotal in ensuring an even wider audience can take advantage of those Durst characteristics.

PrintFactory’s RIP-based software connects multi-manufacturer environments seamlessly. The suite of workflow software supports over 2,000 printers and cutters, and delivers an Editor, Calibrator, and premium Layout tool alongside the API-integrated RIP.

Erik Strik, CEO of Aurelon (the team behind PrintFactory): “This is a great partnership for us as it confirms our focus on color quality is the right direction.” With PrintFactory’s VISU color engine as a part of the workflow, Durst operators can be confident of not only reducing the time spent achieving color consistency, but also in reducing ink and media costs.

Michael Deflorian, Business Development Manager Durst Professional Services: “We’ve been looking for workflow-based software that has a robust, scalable API and allows Durst Workflow users to drive printers of other manufacturers with the same software – it’s not just about having a smooth workflow, it’s about finding affordable software and hardware that can support a growing business. Our customers choose Durst for the long-term. Software that we recommend has to deliver on a promise of quality and reliability, and PrintFactory meets that criteria.”

The partnership between Durst and PrintFactory delivers a tight integration between the workflow products. This means more customers can choose Durst printers to work alongside their existing devices – there’s no need to manage print jobs via different systems. The Durst software ECO system digitizes the e-commerce, prepress and print process. All products offer a browser based interface for maximum flexibility and an interface to share data with other software solutions.

In general, PrintFactory software is delivered via a network of distributors, worldwide: it delivers on increased productivity, guarantees lower ink costs with no detriment to print quality, improves margins thanks to reduced waste media, and ensures consistent color, time after time. The company’s partnerships with device manufacturers bodes well for not only standard markets, but also for industrial scale operations.

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Durst wins EDP awards for Rho 2500 and best workflow

Two European Digital Press Association Awards have been awarded to Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies. They were for its Rho 2500 in the Best Flatbed/Hybrid Printer > 250 sqm/h category and the other for Durst Workflow (Best Workflow Technology).

The awards are more recognition of Durst’s innovation as it continues its journey to become a complete solutions provider in line with its “Pixel to Output” strategy. Recent announcements have included the P5 350 High Speed printer, together with Durst “Automat”, and expansion of Workflow, Analytics, automation and ink solutions for printers. The award-winning Durst Workflow is also available for non-Durst printers.

The EDP Technical Committee referenced the increasing importance of software and workflow. It said: “Important is not only the device or software itself, but also the impact of the product on people and users.”

“These awards are another strong reference point and third-party endorsement to what we have achieved through our mission to innovate,” said Manfred Glantschnig, Head of Product Management for Durst Professional Services. “Durst Workflow is part of our world-class software. In an integrated world, we continue to help our customers through complete solutions from hardware, software, inks and collaborations.”

Andrea Riccardi, Durst Group’s Head of Product Management, Graphics Segment, said: “We are proud to have been recognized by the EDP with these awards. We been steadily building our offerings in line with end-to-end thinking for 360-degree business solutions aimed at the Smart Factory concept to streamline production and processes. The Durst Rho 2500 achieved this recognition as a high productivity printer that can be upgraded depending on the volume production capacity required.”

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Durst Digital Day 2020, Label & Flexible Packaging

On November 11, 2020, Durst Label & Flexible Packaging team presented the expanded Tau RSC portfolio online from the Durst HQ.

Below is the recording of this event.

00:00:2600:01:46 Christoph Gamper, CEO Durst Group: Welcome

00:01:4700:03:05 Helmuth Munter, Durst Segment Manager Label & Flexible Packaging: Welcome & the Agenda of Digital Day 2020

00:03:0600:05:02 Helmuth Munter: Impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on the Label Market

00:05:0600:14:58 Helmuth Munter: Development of the Digital Label Market & the Print Technologies

00:14:5900:17:00 Martin Leitner, Durst Product Manager Label & Flexible Packaging: Introduction – The new Tau RSC Platform, especially the Tau 330/420/510 RSCi

00:17:0100:27:00 Martin Leitner & Siegfried Lanzinger, Durst Application Specialist Label & Flexible Packaging: Tau RSCi Live-Demonstration

00:27:0100:31:01 Sten Sarap, CEO LabelPrint OÜ, RSCi Beta Test Partner: Customer Statement

00:31:0200:33:30 Martin Leitner: Introduction – Tau 330 RSC E Low Migration

00:33:3100:36:16 Martin Leitner & Siegfried Lanzinger: Tau 330 RSC E Low Migration Live-Demonstration

00:36:1700:40:46 Dr. Stefan Kappaun, Executive Vice President Durst Group, Head of Inks & Fluids: The Tau RSC Ink Systems

00:40:4700:41:12 Martin Leitner: Introduction Niko von Hanstein, Head of Production/Prepess Clever Systemtechnik GmbH

00:41:1300:44:53 Niko von Hanstein: Customer statement – Low-migration Label Production with the Tau 330 RSC E  

00:44:5300:54:27 Martin Leitner: The Tau RSC Printer Portfolio & Durst Workflow Label – designed to meet the constantly growing demands of our customers and to support a fast transition from analog to hybrid or 100% digital production

00:54:2800:58:57 Marco Panzeri, Product Manager OMET XJet: Short presentation of the OMET XJet, powered by Durst, a label press with in-line multi-process configuration, combining DURST Inkjet technology with OMET flexo units, plus exclusive finishing and converting units to obtain the final product in one single passage.

00:58:5800:59:49 Martin Leitner: Announcement of a new converting unit from ABG for the Durst Customer Experience Center (CEC)

00:59:5001:04:01 Matthew Burton, Sales Manager AB Graphics Int: ABG’s innovations in 2020, the new print finishing equipment – in particular ABG’s DigiJet, the new digital embellishment solution recently installed at the Durst CEC

01:04:0201:05:19 Martin Leitner & Siegfried Lanzinger: The importance of service and support especially during the ongoing pandemic – Live online printer demonstrations and the work of our service teams – in the CEC, at Durst headquarters and by our professional partners around the world

01:05:2001:07:34 Manuel Gruber, Head of Durst Service Team Label & Flexible Packaging: Insights into Durst Customer Services

01:07:3501:14:05 Helmuth Munter & the Jury: The Durst RSC Label Masters Award 202 – Announcement of the winners

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  3 DECEMBER 2020



After the successful introduction of the P5 technology platform with the P5 350 and P5 210, we are excited to present our extended Durst P5 family. The P5 350 HS is a new high productive printer model that, combined with the Durst Automat, the new solution for a fully automated printing workflow by the Durst Software, makes your production processes a way more efficient.

Additionally, thanks to a strategic key partnership we are now able to offer to our customers a superior workflow software for an easy management of mixed print environments.

We will also talk about our Durst Habitat System with UVC-R Technology, an innovative air disinfection system that combines air exchange and UV rays in one system and effectively reduces infectious air and therefore the viral load indoors.

Do not miss the occasion to meet this innovative system full of flexibility, speed and efficiency.

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Acquisition: Durst acquires majority stake in US printer manufacturer Vanguard Digital Printing

Brixen, Italy – 10/01/2020 – Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, is strengthening its position in the US Graphics Industry with the acquisition of a majority stake in Vanguard Digital Printing Systems, headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia/USA.

Vanguard Digital is a leading manufacturer of printing systems for the signage, decoration, corporate, industrial and packaging sectors. With the acquisition, Durst adds new printer classes to its large format portfolio, while Vanguard now has a global distribution and service network and technical resources to continue developing robust solutions.

“Vanguard Digital Printing Systems is a rapidly growing and very successful company in a customer segment in which we are currently not active,” said Tim Saur, President of Durst North America. “Through the combination of high-quality products, a strong management team and absolute customer orientation, both companies are a perfect match.”

As part of the agreement, the new company will operate as Vanguard Durst Digital Printing Systems with effect from October 1, 2020. David Cich remains CEO while Jim Peterson continues to serve as Vice President of Sales.

“It is with great humbleness and excitement that Vanguard Digital will now be a part of the world class industry leading Durst Group,” said David Cich, CEO of Vanguard Digital Printing Systems. “Becoming part of the Durst Group Family, provides Vanguard Digital the opportunity to expand its portfolio of innovative market leading UV Printers to the entire world.”

“Vanguard’s printing systems have rightly achieved rapid growth and high customer acceptance in the North American market,” said Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of the Durst Group. “Despite the global pandemic, we are positioning ourselves for the long term and are determined to invest in the large-format graphics market. In addition, with our technical expertise, Vanguard will continue to ensure that its products and services are industry-leading and a wider customer base will understand what it is like to be part of the Durst family.”

Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner Durst Group
Tim Saur, President of Durst North America
David Cich, CEO of Vanguard Digital Printing Systems
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Durst announces 100th Tau RSC platform press installation

Brixen, Italy – 28.09.2020 – Durst will be celebrating a 100th installation milestone at a customer site for its market-proven and highly successful Tau RSC technology platform only two years after a successful market launch.

In the coming weeks, a major label converter in Europe will have the honour of becoming the 100th customer of a Durst Tau 330 RSC UV inkjet single-pass label press. The machine will soon be providing high quality label production with unmatched productivity and uptime levels.

Huge interest was created when Durst originally unveiled the Tau 330 RSC at Labelexpo 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. Visitors and competitors were surprised by what Durst’s RSC technology promised in terms of print quality and productivity performance, with 1200×1200 dpi resolution and 80 linear meters printing speed at full color.

Nine months later and after a successful beta-test of this new and groundbreaking printing technology, Durst started delivery of the first Tau 330 RSC presses. Since then, increasing numbers of small, medium and large-sized label converter have opted for the new benchmark platform in UV inkjet, a Durst Tau 330 RSC, the more economical Tau 330 RSC E or the new Tau RSCi.

Since the middle of this year, Durst has continued installations with the first Tau RSCi 330 / 420 / 510 label presses, which form the latest press portfolio expansion of Durst’s Tau RSC platform.

Helmuth Munter, Durst’s Segment Manager, Label & Flexible Packaging, said: “Introduced two years ago, the Tau 330 RSC and Tau 330 RSC E set a new benchmark in label printing. Now with 100 installations around the world we feel honored by the trust and confidence in Durst of our satisfied Tau RSC users. We are confident – and continuous positive customer feedback backs this – that our updated Tau RSC platform will continue to set the benchmark for the future of industrial digital inkjet printing in the label and packaging industry.”

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Η εταιρεία ΑΦΟΙ ΛΟΜΒΑΡΔΙΑ ιδρύθηκε το 1952 από τον Άγγελο Λομβαρδιά. Απόφοιτος της Σχολής Καλών Τεχνών, ο Άγγελος Λομβαρδιάς υπήρξε πρωτοπόρος στην μεταξοτυπία εγκαθιδρύοντας τεχνικές τις οποίες κληροδότησε στη δεύτερη γενιά.

Μέσα σε αυτό το μισό αιώνα σκληρής δουλειάς, μεγάλων και φιλόδοξων επενδύσεων, συνεχούς βελτίωσης των μέσων παραγωγής και της  ποιότητας προϊόντος, η εταιρεία παραμένει ανάμεσα στις κορυφαίες του είδους της.

Με ιδιόκτητους παραγωγικούς και αποθηκευτικούς χώρους, υπερσύγχρονα μηχανήματα και δυνατότητα παραγωγής 35.000 τετραγωνικών μέτρων ημερησίως, η εταιρεία καλύπτει ένα ευρύ φάσμα μεταξοτυπικών εκτυπώσεων.

Η δομή της εταιρείας με την πλούσια εμπειρία του παρελθόντος, την σύγχρονη γνώση, τον συνεχή εκσυγχρονισμό του εξοπλισμού και τη χρήση καινοτόμων εφαρμογών δίνει τη δυνατότητα συνεργασίας με επιχειρήσεις όλων των μεγεθών και κλάδων.


Από αριστερά: Ο κ. Σταύρος Ελεμένογλου και ο κ. Άγγελος Ελεμένογλου

Η εταιρεία ΑΦΟΙ ΛΟΜΒΑΡΔΙΑ είναι μέλος της Ένωσης Γραφικών Εφαρμογών Εικόνας (SGIA) και αποτελεί διακεκριμένο μέλος της Ευρωπαϊκής Ομοσπονδίας Μεταξοτυπών (FESPA). Η FESPA κάθε τέσσερα χρόνια διοργανώνει εκθέσεις σχετικές με τη μεταξοτυπία, στις οποίες η εταιρεία ΑΦΟΙ ΛΟΜΒΑΡΔΙΑ συμμετέχει και έχει αποσπάσει 12 τιμητικές διακρίσεις.

Σήμερα, έχοντας περάσει στην τρίτη γενιά, η ΑΦΟΙ ΛΟΜΒΑΡΔΙΑ μπαίνει δυναμικά στο χώρο της ψηφιακής εκτύπωσης με σημαντικές επενδύσεις στον εκτυπωτικό αλλά και στο μετεκτυπωτικό τομέα.

Πρόσφατα η εταιρεία προχώρησε σε επένδυση ενός επίπεδου inkjet ψηφιακού εκτυπωτή με μελάνια UV, του Durst Rho P10 200.

Οι  κ.κ. Σταύρος και  Άγγελος Ελεμένογλου, εκ μέρους της ΑΦΟΙ ΛΟΜΒΑΡΔΙΑ ΙΚΕ δήλωσαν σχετικά με την επένδυση:

«Παρακολουθούμε πάντα με προσοχή τις εξελίξεις της τεχνολογίας και τις τάσεις της αγοράς. Η τεχνολογία της ψηφιακής εκτύπωσης βρίσκεται πλέον σε πολύ υψηλά επίπεδα απόδοσης και από πλευράς  ποιότητας εκτύπωσης και από πλευράς ταχύτητας παραγωγής. Οι οικονομικές συνθήκες έχουν σαν αποτέλεσμα να δεχόμαστε και παραγγελίες με μικρότερους όγκους αλλά πάντα με υψηλά επίπεδα ποιότητας. Η λύση ήταν προφανής: ψηφιακή εκτύπωση σαν συμπλήρωμα της μεταξοτυπίας.

Μετά από έρευνα στην αγορά καταλήξαμε ότι ο εκτυπωτής Durst Rho P10 200 ικανοποιούσε τα κριτήρια που είχαμε θέσει από πλευράς ποιότητας και παραγωγής, κόστους παραγωγής και αξιοπιστίας του μηχανήματος.

 Η επιπλέον ξεχωριστή δυνατότητα που προσφέρεται με αυτή την επένδυση είναι η διαφοροποίηση στην αγορά μέσω της υβριδικής εκτύπωσης, δηλαδή της χρήσης  μεταξοτυπίας και ψηφιακής εκτύπωσης μαζί.  Η εταιρία μας καθίσταται έτσι ικανή  να προσφέρει στους πελάτες της προϊόντα που συνδυάζουν τα πλεονεκτήματα των δυο μεθόδων.

Είμαστε βέβαιοι ότι η νέα μας αυτή επένδυση θα διευρύνει το φάσμα των προϊόντων που προσφέρουμε στους πελάτες, πάντα στα δικά μας υψηλά επίπεδα ποιότητας, σε σύντομους χρόνους παράδοσης και σε ανταγωνιστικές τιμές».


H κυρία Φοντίνα Λομβαρδιά, Πρόεδρος της Fespa Ελλάδος, κατά την επίσκεψη των στελεχών της ΑΦΟΙ Λομβαρδιά στο εργοστάσιο της Durst στην Ιταλία.

Ο UV inkjet Rho P10 200 είναι επίπεδος εκτυπωτής για άκαμπτα φύλλα.  Προαιρετικά εκτυπώνει και σε εύκαμπτα υλικά σε ρολό. Είναι εξοπλισμένος με κεφαλές της Durst με τεχνολογία Quadro Array με μέγεθος σταγόνας 10 πικολίτρα (pl) και αποδίδει εξαιρετική ποιότητα εκτύπωσης με την τεχνολογία Variodrop και με ταυτόχρονο υψηλό επίπεδο παραγωγικότητας. Η μέγιστη ταχύτητα εκτύπωσης φτάνει έως τα 205 τετρ. μέτρα την ώρα με ανάλυση εκτύπωσης τα 1000 dpi.

Ο εκτυπωτής συνδυάζει συμπαγή, στιβαρή βιομηχανική σχεδίαση με αποτελεσματικότητα της παραγωγής και αξιοπιστία στην λειτουργία, καθιστώντας τον Rho P10 200 ένα πραγματικά βιομηχανικό εκτυπωτή, με αδιάκοπη ουσιαστικά παραγωγή.

 Ο Rho P10 200 δέχεται, πέραν των βασικών cmyk χρωμάτων, και ανοιχτά χρώματα (light cyan  και light magenta) ή πρόσθετα χρώματα (πορτοκαλί και μωβ) καθώς και λευκό.

Η χρήση των πρόσθετων Process Colors δεν ελαττώνει την ταχύτητα παραγωγής.

Τα UV μελάνια της Durst είναι φιλικά προς το περιβάλλον, σύμφωνα με τις Ευρωπαϊκές Οδηγίες και έχουν άψογη πρόσφυση σε πάρα πολλά υλικά. Τα εκτυπωμένα υλικά είναι ανακυκλώσιμα.

Ο εκτυπωτής εκτυπώνει σε μεγάλη ποικιλία μη επιστρωμένων και επιστρωμένων υλικών – όπως φύλλα από σκληρά και μαλακά αφρώδη υλικά, φύλλα αλουμινίου, ακρυλικά, χαρτονιού, κλπ. με πάχος μέχρι 4 εκατοστά και προαιρετικά τα 7 εκατοστά πάχος.

Στην εκτύπωση εύκαμπτων υλικών σε ρολά μπορεί να εκτυπώσει και  ρολά μεγάλου βάρους μέχρι 200 κιλά και διάμετρο μέχρι 30 εκατοστά με προαιρετική μονάδα. 

Τέλος για την εκτύπωση φύλλων χαρτονιού υψηλής ποιότητας ο εκτυπωτής δέχεται προαιρετικά ειδική μονάδα εκτύπωσης κυματοειδών υλικών (χαρτονιών) –  corrugated option που διαθέτει  ειδικούς οδηγούς μεταφοράς και συγκράτησης των υλικών και ισχυρότερο  vacuum για εκτύπωση.

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H GM (GRAFISK MASKINFABRIK) εγκαινίασε το νέο εργοστάσιο

Η νέα, μεγάλη, σύγχρονη μονάδα παραγωγής με εμβαδόν 9.000 m2 θα υπερδιπλασιάσει την σημερινή δυνατότητα παραγωγής. Η υλικοτεχνική υποστήριξη, η αποθήκη και η αίθουσα παραγωγής έχουν προετοιμαστεί τέλεια για μια ομαλή διαδικασία παραγωγής, σύμφωνα με τις αρχές της Λιτής Παραγωγής (Lean Manufacturing). Η αίθουσα παραγωγής έχει χωριστεί σε ζώνες που έχουν εκχωρηθεί σε μεμονωμένες γραμμές παραγωγής μηχανημάτων, όπου η παράδοση των εξαρτημάτων πραγματοποιείται στην είσοδο και η παραλαβή έτοιμων μηχανών στην έξοδο. Και όλα αυτά διατηρώντας παράλληλα τα υψηλότερα πρότυπα ασφάλειας.

Και δεν είναι μόνο αυτό. Αυτή τη στιγμή χτίζουμε έναν νέο εκθεσιακό χώρο όπου σύντομα θα οργανώνουμε παρουσιάσεις και δοκιμές των μηχανών GM.

Παρακολουθήστε το παρακάτω βίντεο για να μείνετε συντονισμένοι!

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