Presenting InnoventX by Desktop Metal
The InnoventX was launched in 2018 by ExOne, a company of Desktop Metal. It is an accessible and affordable entry-level binder jet 3D printing system that processes a wide range of powders, from ultra-fine metal injection molding (MIM) powders to coarse sands, ceramics and other specialty materials. This open-materials system allows full access to parameters in a compact and easy-to-manage build volume that is perfect for R&D, including material development, as well as academic settings. With excellent surface finish results, the InnoventX is also suitable for prototyping and short-run production of small components across a wide
range of industries.

System benefits
▪ Compact and affordable, it only takes a 10-pound bag of standard MIM powder to get started — and the small build volume keeps ongoing operating costs low
▪ Open materials and controls gives users full control
▪ 3D prints metal, ceramic, sand and composite powders
▪ Patented Triple ACT advanced compaction technology dispenses, spreads and compacts ultra-fine MIM powders
▪ Production-capable repeatability and sintered part densities exceeding 97%, depending on material, in line with MIM results
▪ Wide range of metal print materials: 316L, 17-4PH, 304L, Inconel 718, M2 and H13 Tool Steels, Copper and more

For more information on using InnoventX binder jet or other Desktop Metal 3D printing systems in research or education you can contact us at Lino SA.