We’re here to assist with efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic however we can. Please contact us if you are 3D printing supplies or PPE for first responders and have a bottleneck in your post-printing step – we can help. Additionally, if you are experiencing a shortage of IPA for resin removal due to its use in sanitizers and other disinfecting products, we have an IPA alternative for this process. Contact us for more information.

How We’re Helping

PPE Production at SCAD

We’re proud that our solutions are being put to work in response to the crisis, such as at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design). As one of our long time customers, SCAD is utilizing our BASE Automated Support Removal solution for FDM post-printing on face shield components. Their increased production of PPE for local first responders is supported by the ability to stack on the printer build tray and automate support removal of multiple pieces at once.

Justin Cox, Assistant Superintendent at SCAD, commented: “The BASE has been an invaluable part of our workflow. We are able to load the BASE with large numbers of face shields and ear relief straps and wash them all within 2 hours. This allows our team to assemble and package within a day. We are also using the BASE to wash parts that are printed in our other facilities that normally use traditional parts washing tanks which also saves us a lot of time”. Learn more here.

Redirecting our In-house 3D Printers for Local PPE Efforts

PostProcess’ in-house FDM 3D print capacity, typically used for internal testing and sample parts, has been redirected as a part of a joint effort for PPE equipment production in our hometown of Buffalo, NY. We’re teaming with a number of local companies who are also donating materials and funds to produce face shields for local first responders. Our software-driven Support Removal technology allows us to post-print more parts at once with virtually no technician time, therefore increasing the speed of our production. Learn more here.

Support for our Customers Redirecting 3D Printing Operations

A number of PostProcess customers are redirecting their additive operations to support COVID-19 manufacturing efforts. We are committed to deploying our internal Application Engineering resources to support the optimization of their PostProcess solutions to their new 3D printing program.

Please contact us if we can support your efforts to fight COVID-19 with 3D printing.
Additionally, learn more about our day-to-day operations during COVID-19 here.