Durst Smart Shop wins 2023 Pinnacle Product Award at Printing United

Durst Smart Shop, the web-to-print solution tailored for the printing industry, has been awarded the prestigious Pinnacle Product Award at Printing United.

Printing United Alliance stands as the most comprehensive association serving the printing and graphic arts community in North America.
The Pinnacle Awards is the most prominent and respected award within the industry, focusing on the recognition of outstanding technologies and products related to printing. Durst Smart Shop has been awarded this esteemed Award for enabling true web-to-print functionality and providing seamless integration of ordering, production, and delivery.

Durst Smart Shop is a web-to-print solution designed to successfully implement B2B and B2C solutions, scalable from a preconfigured out-of-the-box web shop to a customized e-Commerce platform.
With the possibility of submitting and managing print orders and print data online, it enables the sales department to flexibly accept and process orders, including print data. At the same time, it gives customers the opportunity to place orders or obtain information about them independently of business hours.

Customers can customize print products by using different attributes, that can be specified in the backend from the shop owner thus ensuring that no incorrect combination can be selected.
The integrated graphical online editor allows personalized products to be designed directly in the web-browser and visualized in real-time.
Thanks to 3D and mockup previews, it contributes in increasing the products’ perceived value, nurturing a deeper engagement and increasing the conversion rate.
Print orders are received as print ready files, ready to be transferred to the RIP.
With Durst Smart Shop is easy to make sure that the customer is satisfied at every purchase, reducing the chances of product returns.


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Durst expands with Aleph acquisition

Durst has made another strategic acquisition with the takeover of fellow Italian textile and industrial printing specialist Aleph.

An Aleph textile printer with integrated drying system

Aleph is based in Como, at the heart of the Italian textile design industry, and its location was also an attractive factor for Brixen-headquartered Durst.

The firm was founded in 1999 as a specialist software business developing tools for the textile industry.

It subsequently moved into hardware, firstly with a winding and unwinding system, and then into water-based printing, culminating in the creation of its Laforte range of printers which print direct-to-fabric or direct-to-paper. The range spans devices targeted at low- to mid-volumes up to high speed models capable of printing 1,000sqm/hr.

Aleph’s focus is on environmental and social sustainability, and it has concentrated on creating devices that require low consumption of resources including water and energy.

In the past the company has collaborated and partnered with Mimaki.

Durst has acquired the business from Wise Equity, which took a stake in 2017, and Aleph’s three founders who remain with the company.

Durst CEO and co-owner Christoph Gamper said he was delighted to welcome Aleph into the Durst family of businesses.

“Their expertise in sustainable, water-based applications, their software for high-end textiles, and their creative solutions for water-based poster printing align perfectly with our vision of pushing the boundaries of digital printing technology.

“Together, we will strengthen our market position, expand our product portfolio, and enhance value for our global customers,” he stated.

Around 60% of Aleph’s sales come from outside Italy, and the firm is active in more than 20 countries.


At the Fespa Global Print Expo show held in Munich in May, Aleph showed its flagship range of kit including the Laforte 600 Paper. The 600 Paper prints high volume, high quality at 850sqm/hr with 24 printheads and at 1,000sqm/hr with 48 printheads, using Aleph’s proprietary water-based A22 graphic pigment inks.

Aleph’s main target markets are textiles, billboards and posters, soft signage, and home décor.

Alessandro Manes, CEO of Aleph, said it was an exciting new chapter for the business. He said: “Our shared passion for technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and the commitment to true sustainability define this collaboration. Together, we have the opportunity to make significant advancements in the digital textiles, exterior, and interior decoration sectors.”

Aleph has 32 employees and had sales of almost €14m (£12m) last year.

Durst said both companies were committed to ensuring a smooth transition for customers, partners, and employees during the integration process.

Three years ago Durst expanded its product range and US presence with the acquisition of Vanguard.

Durst also has a joint venture with Koenig & Bauer for the VariJet 106 B1 sheetfed inkjet press for folding cartons.





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Reel Appeal chooses Durst RSCi | Labels & Labeling

K trade printer Reel Appeal has announced at Labelexpo in Brussels, Belgium, that it has invested in a Tau RSCi single-pass label press from Durst.

Reel Appeal is also doubling the size of its digital set-up at its headquarters in Oldham, North-West England, in the UK. Installation is set for October.

The Durst tau RSCi press, the first to be installed in the UK and Ireland, will add new capabilities and print at twice the speed as more jobs are moved from flexo to digital production. A key reason for the investment was the Durst Tau RSCi’s ability to print at 1200dpi, which will open up new markets for Reel Appeal – traditionally a major player in agro-chemical labels – such as hair and beauty. 

‘We recognized the potential when we first started in digital 10 years ago,’ said Reel Appeal’s managing director Barry Lewis. ‘I first saw the Durst tau RSCi at Labelexpo Americas in Chicago last year. I liked the quality and build and came away with a really good impression. I then went to other manufacturers and did more research, but the RSCi was by far the best quality, had a good total cost of ownership and far more capabilities. I was also really impressed by the set up in that Durst makes the machines from scratch at its headquarters in Brixen, Italy. The 1200dpi will really up the print quality, help us to lower ink costs, and will be a door-opener into other markets, such as hair and beauty.’

Lewis added: ‘Digital technology has revolutionized the label industry and we have been no exception. Without the costly set-up and origination costs, digital printing allows multiple sorts to be easily printed on the same print run however short. The RSCi investment is another huge step forward for our business.’

Simon Cosh, Durst’s UK and Ireland business development manager, said: ‘We are delighted to announce this sale at Labelexpo. Reel Appeal will benefit not only from the uplift in quality from the 1200dpi functionality but also lower ink usage as well as a big increase in capacity that will enable the company to complete longer run work.’

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Durst Lift ERP – “A single point tool to look at everything in your company”

Infinity Images successfully implemented Durst Lift ERP, the ERP software that provides a single integrated platform to run every aspect of the print business.

Founded in 2000, Infinity Images has positioned itself as a leading design, print, and fabrication house based in Portland, Oregon. Renowned for its specialization in large-format printing and dimensional retail displays, Infinity Images has become a trusted partner for world-class brands.

The implementation of Lift ERP significantly reduced touchpoints and eliminated unnecessary steps, providing a comprehensive platform to manage every aspect of their print business. “It’s a single point tool to look at everything in your company and the status of all the stuff that you have underway”, says President and CEO George Gross.

Additionally, Infinity Images has enhanced their customer experience through the software customer management system. This seamless feature allows clients to place orders directly through the system, without the need for human interaction. By streamlining the order process, Infinity Images ensures faster order processing, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

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Durst Group showcases Durst Hawk Eye

Durst Group introduces the revolutionary Durst Hawk Eye technology at Labelexpo Europe 2023. This technology, which utilizes computer vision and artificial intelligence, will assist operators, and automate the print quality. Additionally, it significantly reduces setup time and waste, resulting in enhanced efficiency and an even more competitive total cost of ownership (TCO) for the Tau RSC platform printers.

Moreover, Durst Group will unveil the next generation of the Tau RSC UV ink set. This new ink set, available in the colors CMYK OVG and white, meets the latest regulatory requirements and expands the converters’ application range even further.

On the showfloor, alongside a new digital printing press, the successful Tau 510 RSCi will be showcased. Equipped with the newly developed double white feature, this press will demonstrate it’s capabilities in real-time, printing at a remarkable speed of 100m/min at a printing width of 510mm, leading to a unmatched productivity of over 3000sqm per hour.

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Digiprint S.A. chooses Durst again

Digiprint S.A., a leading vertically integrated provider of digital printing, advertising and large format printing in Greece, has once again confirmed its preference for Durst by investing in the 5th Durst printer in a row, namely the new P5 500 D4 digital roll-to-roll printer with a printing width of 5.24 meters and a maximum production speed of 360 m2/hour at 2 passes.

Digiprint is constantly investing in the enrichment of its state-of-the-art equipment and the adoption of innovative technological methods.
Consistent with the above business strategy, the company recently made another investment in the new digital roll-to-roll printer Pinnacle Level in Super-Wide Format Printing Durst P5 500 D4 accompanied by DURST WORKFLOW (Prepress & Production automation) with White color with a maximum production speed of 360 sqm/hour in 2 Pass mode.

Mr. Lefteris Soumpasis said about this new addition to the fleet: “Already, for several years, we have been working with Durst’s very reliable and most productive printers, the Rho 500R, a 5 meter roll printer, the Rho 800HS and the previous flagship from Durst, the Rho 1312, flatbed printers for printing flexible and rigid materials, up to 2.5 meters wide, with excellent quality and speed results. Each machine has enabled us to grow our presence in the market and offer services with quality, delivery times and prices that make our customers happy.

After the pandemic, the volume of our work showed an increase and the new investment comes to meet our new needs in speed and quality as well as automation in production.

The first “introduction” to the machine was during a demonstration visit to Durst’s headquarters in Brixen, Italy.

During the visit it was confirmed once again that Durst listens to the needs of its customers and adapts according to their requests even the industrial design of its equipment, as was the case with the design of the equipment I ordered with 10 channels in order to have the possibility of additional colours, such as white, etc.
At the recent Fespa exhibition in Germany, when visiting the Durst stand, the confirmation of the choice of the new equipment, which has cutting-edge technology in the field of ultra-wide large format printing, the P5 500 D4 printer, was, I would say, easy. Durst’s well-known top technology, the long-term harmonious cooperation with Lino were factors in line with our philosophy: to continue offering high quality services with very fast delivery times and competitive costs with modern, quality and productive printers”.


The Top Level in wide format printing

Durst P5 500 D4 is a large format printer with LED curing technology. With a printing width of 5.2 m, it is suitable for many roll-to-roll applications for unrivalled production. An integrated roll support greatly simplifies media loading and changing. Rolls can be processed in single, dual and triple mode – in dual mode even asymmetrically. It is capable of printing one 5.24 m roll or simultaneously printing two 2.5 m rolls or three 1.625 m wide rolls or even 2 asymmetrical rolls (3.2 m + 1.625 m). Printing can be done unattended by the operator, with reliable performance and most importantly with excellent print quality even at very high production speeds allowing printing companies to complete their jobs faster.

The Durst P5 Double 4 (D4) technology maximizes the productivity of the P5 UV series printing systems through the implementation of a double CMYK color configuration. With print heads that deliver a 7 picoliters drop, the resolution is 700×1200 dpi or 900×1200 dpi. It can be configured with 10 channels by adding other colors. The printer has a system for automatic measurement of the width of the printing materials, a system for holding the materials at the edges, printing on both sides with absolute coincidence and systems for cutting the printed roll at the output without interrupting the printing.




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Rapid Expansion Requires Second Digital Press

PUBBLISERVICE The rapid expansion of the label market prompted the company to invest in a Durst Tau printing system in 2017 and in a second machine now.

Pubbliservice Srl was founded in 1984 in Parma/I as a traditional screen printing company out of the passion of the Salati family. In 2015, the business expanded with the opening of a new division dedicated to digital label printing, able to interact with traditional finishing systems.
“Our customer base includes small manufacturers and suppliers who turn to us to produce highly customised products,” explains Filippo Salati, Pubbliservice sales manager, “a service for which the speed of execution and quality guaranteed by Tau is a key element.”
The evolution of Pubbliservice’s business and the continuous growth that has characterised the labels sector in recent years have led the company to expand its production department and invest in a second Tau. A decision dictated by the desire to enter new markets by being able to quickly meet the demands of a larger customer base with this new addition.
Installed at Pubbliservice in March 2023, the new Tau 330 RSC has a CMYK + white configuration and is equipped with an inspection camera that allows real-time print quality verification. The company’s goals for the near future include the development of an online shop dedicated to custom label printing.

(Image source: MetaPrintArt)




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Durst Workflow wins 2023 EDP Award at Fespa

Durst Workflow, all-in-one solution to handle prepress and print production tasks, has been awarded the prestigious EDP Award for being the best workflow solution in the industry at Fespa Global Print Expo Munich.

The EDP Awards are the most prestigious awards in the digital printing industry and are presented by a consortium consisting of 21 European trade magazines that recognize innovative solutions. Durst Workflow has just received the esteemed EDP Award for being the industry’s best workflow solution.

In recent years, there has been a trend of workflow technologies combining more and more functions into a single tool. As a result, workflow solutions are increasingly becoming the backbone of their respective print environments, enabling better and more efficient management of the entire process. At the same time, the scope of workflows varies widely, but the solutions presented meet the demand for simplification.

Durst Workflow is an all-in-one solution designed to handle prepress and print production tasks in an efficient way. It is a browser-based software solution that manages the entire PDF workflow, either manually or fully automatically, to streamline the process and achieve optimal results. Efficient data management is combined with color management, nesting, and powerful rip technology.

The Durst browser-based workflow solution has been evaluated by the EDP Technical Committee as a significant step forward for printers and converters due to its integration of all prepress and production steps in an automated manner. From the PDF to the print-ready files, the software includes all the necessary elements, including VDP (Variable Data Print).
The major breakthrough is that the software works with non-Durst printers as well. It can also be integrated with MIS/ERP systems via API.

Durst Workflow’s recognition with the 2023 EDP Award is a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence and continuous innovation and solidifies Durst’s position as an industry leader.


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Durst Group Wins Three EDP Awards at FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich, Germany

Brixen, Italy – May 25, 2023 – Durst Group, a leading manufacturer of digital printing and production technologies, has won three EDP Awards at the Fespa Global Print Expo in Munich, Germany. The EDP Awards are the most prestigious awards in the digital printing industry and are presented by a consortium consisting of 21 European trade magazines for innovative solutions.

The Durst Group won the awards for P5 Robotics, P5 350 HSR and Durst Workflow Software. P5 Robotics is the next level of automation for flexible and continuous production cycles with long run times. At the heart of P5 Robotics is the P5 350 HS D4 hybrid printing system, whose feeder/stacker unit is formed by two Kuka robots to handle the unmanned production of a complete shift. P5 350 HSR is the fastest 3.5 meter LED web printing system on the market, with a printing speed of up to 670 m2 and the option to feed large rolls weighing up to 1,000 kg and 635 mm in diameter. Durst Workflow is the Durst Group’s successful software that is now used by more than 600 print service providers worldwide for their prepress operations.


“The current EDP awards bring us full circle,” said Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of Durst Group. “Five years ago at the Fespa trade show – also in Munich – we presented our roadmap for an in-house software division and the development of the P5 printer series to offer the industry a new dimension in print quality, print speed, flexibility, automation and for more sustainability. Today we have received recognition for our bold move and more importantly our customers are benefiting from it. The awards belong to all “Durst’lers” around the world – I am delighted that our desire to innovate, coupled with a dash of Tyrolean stubbornness, has been recognized.”

Durst. Advanced Digital Printing and Production Technology

Durst is a global leader in digital printing and production technologies. In its active business areas, Durst is the first choice for the transformation and digitalization of industrial production processes. Durst is a family-owned company with an 80-year history whose values are focused on innovation, customer orientation, sustainability and quality. For more information about the Durst Group, please visit the website www.durst-group.com.


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